What is your Hourly Rate for services?

We don't normally charge by the hour for our services. We prefer to quote you a price before we start so that there are no surprise charges when the job is complete.

The exception to this rule is for troubleshooting or repair. If you have something that is broken and/or isn't working, we will come diagnose the problem for which we charge $145 for the first half (1/2) hour and $105 for each additional hour. Normally, once we determine the problem we are able to quote for the repair or just fix it based on the hourly rate.

Why do you charge for a permit?

The State of Oregon requires that an electrical permit be posted on every job prior to the start of any work. Its the law and all reputable companies pull permits and have their work inspected by an impartial third party.

Permits actually protect you as a homeowner to ensure that your electrical installation meets safety standards.

What kind of guarantee do you have?

We guarantee our labor and materials for 1 year, unless the manufacturer has a longer period and then materials are covered for that.

Do you have additional questions?

Send us a message or call 503-550-4027.

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